Nissan Fest at Evergreen Speedway – Part 1

We headed out of Vancouver at 7am to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA to cover Nissan Fest. We flew by our friends in the border lineup and took the 2 hour drive down south. We arrived just after 9am and after getting our pit passes, we checked out the car show before heading to the media meeting. What surprised me was that the car show weren’t all just Nissans, not that I’m complaining. I’m open and eager to anything. Here are my shots from the show.

Stay tuned for Richard’s show photos soon! Also the drift photos will be coming this week!

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  1. Nissan Fest at Evergreen Speedway - Part Drift (Two) | Art of Stance - Westcoast Cars + Photography

    […] We walked out to the sidelines of the track and found out from track workers that we were allowed to shoot from the two center columns in the middle of the track. Of course when we heard this there was a mad dash from us and other photographers to camp out our spots. Richard and I have been to Evergreen Speedway last year for Formula D but we shot from the stands (click here to see the coverage from Formula D). This event however would be the first one where we’ve been on the track and the experience was great! No fence to get in the way and having a car slide across in front of you made for some great photo opportunities. Something that we should of taken advantage more was we should of moved around the track more to get more point of views around the track. The sound of the screeching tires and powerful engines was deafening, the smell of burnt rubber was poisoning,  and the dust in our eyes were blinding. That didn’t matter, cause Richard and I would do it again in a heartbeeat. Thanks again to Northwest Nissans for putting on a great event! Be sure to check out Part One here! […]



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