Granville Island Photo Meet

Last night, our friend Jimmy quickly organized a casual photo meetup to photograph some cars. Granville Island is always a nice backdrop for car photos and the lot we were in is a popular spot at night. What started as a small gathering doesn’t always end up that way through word of mouth. We had a great showing of at least 20 cars. Lately there have been more and more casual car meetups being organized. Be sure to check out this Revscene thread to see what meetups are being organized. If you’re local or just in town, I encourage you to come check out cars, take some photos, and chat with other car enthusiasts.


The owner of Blackmarkers clothing store brought his supercharged Honda S2000 that was built by The Speed Syndicate.

Blackmarkers Honda S2000 sits in front of Bridges Restaurant
Another view of the Honda S2000, Granville Street Bridge lies in the background
Widebody…so Wide
Blackmarkers Honda S2000
Blackmarkers Honda S2000 built by The Speed Syndicate

Our friend Alex drove out his Datsun 240z, which may be the last time we get to see it. It may be sold this week and we look forward to see what Alex picks up next.

Alex’s 240z enjoys the views of the Burrard Street Bridge
This car will be missed when its sold.

Anson asked for a shot of his BMW and I was happy to oblige.

Anson’s BMW sits quietly

Here’s some shots of some other cars that showed up. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos of the other car. Sorry guys, next time!

There were other sweet rides that came out
I’ve always liked this generation of Integras
Always great to see car enthusiasts come out to meets

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