Great Canadian VW Show 2013 – DUB Love

Being a VW owner, one of the most highly anticipated weekends of my show season is the Great Canadian VW Show hosted by In its 22nd year, this show has grown to a full weekend of events for VW owners and lovers alike and expectations were high as it was the first year at a new location at the Concord Pacific Expo Site. The weekend kicked off with Friday night’s of street legal drag racing at Mission Raceway. It was great seeing old and new Volkswagens racing down the quarter mile. 9614134828_25fe0fe53d_bNot to be left out I made sure to get a few runs in as well! 9614134090_1d555e810e_b 9614134566_f38ce70e1a_b   9614132664_021103a7b6_b   Saturday morning’s events took place at Regency Volkswagen where a Pancake breakfast was hosted by the Strictly German Volkswagen Association. In the evening, the DVKK Club along with the Dub Allstars host a Show and Shine dinner at the Shark Club in Langley where cash awards were given out for some of the best pass times from Friday night’s drag races. Unfortunately I could not attend Saturday as I was covering the Revscene Summer meet however there was no way I would miss out on Sunday’s main event at Concord Pacific. Vancouver showed off providing some great weather and a perfect back drop for some of the finest VW’s from BC, Washington, and Oregon. Weather you are into classic or modern VWs there is lots for you to see.   9614122814_628847166d_b 9614113722_1670fb3f68_b 9614129580_12014b9eb7_b 9614127118_15d1086136_b9610887519_2f91774288_b9611000475_b6b3bd0e9a_b9610888653_62332d5af0_b9610888769_2e3746fcd5_b9610872761_3d7ae940a2_bWhat makes this show great is that you’ll never know what will show up. A WWII Kubelwagen – VW Thing with something VW… 9610893023_7af5610f5e_b 9614115228_0e80076515_bProof that your car doesn’t need to be spotless to show – VW Golf Country 9614116172_4b38bb0a66_b 9614120108_81093a4ac1_bAudi’s join in on the fun 9614120552_e0d8b80c82_bA lot of local shops showing their support. RPI Equipped and HPA 9610878065_7735481510_b   9610886691_f149e17449_bRocco’s vs. Raddo’s   9614121164_5f60aeeedf_b 9614115646_4fdae050b8_bProof that you can do a lot with the same platform, some of the best examples of MK4 Jettas were present. Pat’s custom Jetta on airride representing the crew at PG Performance. 9614114724_e54e81f278_b 9611123079_d6db87abba_b 9614125408_9decf1845d_b    If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see a sneak peek of Tim’s Silverbullet – MK4 Jetta Wagon we will be doing a feature of soon. The Golfs of course were not to be left out:   9610890033_b582377eeb_b 9614114008_0394e238a5_b 9610881475_ef508b6d6c_b 9611137327_8b3efcb1b2_bStance meets Old School style. These beetles were some of my favourite VW’s of the show: 9614111862_d898a88cc2_b9610875929_82dfa494b0_b9610876139_883a64cd74_b9610883029_beab40e1a1_b 9614118654_21b7935a6b_bThere was so much more to see – for more from the weekend please check out my flickr feed HERE… I’m already looking forward to next year’s events. 9614118008_9710e47695_b

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  1. stephen

    WOW…your photo’s seem to focus on the newer VW’s..reminds me of a similar concept that was floating around the internet, its a side by side image comparison, one is a shot of a very striking ( and curvy, Marilyn Monroe ) the other shot is a picture of a rail thin Kate Moss…the quote under the images was “when did this ( Kate moss image) become the new this ( Marilyn Monroe ) Would love to see some more shots of the vintage VW’s next season, maybe a little less plastic and aluminum tuner cars.



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