Fatlace’s Slammed Society 2013 – Monroe WA

The Formula Drift Championship along with Fatlace’s Slammed Society showcase is one of the best weekends of entertainment for gear-heads out there. If you haven’t checked out our Formula D coverage from the side of the track, check it out here. The Slammed Society Showcase features the best of the best local vehicles and culture at each stop on the Formula DRIFT nation-wide tour.  By just looking at the cars rolling in, you could tell that the people walking in through the gates were in for a good show both on and off the track.

Formula D - Monroe WA-1

Rocketbunny in the line up.

Mark Bello's slammed Scion
Mark Bello’s slammed Scion
Chris Rafanan’s R32 on BBS LM’s
James Kent’s Yokosuka Nights S14
High quality drift builds everywhere you look!

The best of the Pacific Northwest came out with some of the cleanest JDM, Euro, and Domestic cars showing off their perfect fitment.

Formula D - Monroe WA-1383

Formula D - Monroe WA-101

Formula D - Monroe WA-126
Stancewars Mike Tolliver checking out a slammed Ford pickup

Formula D - Monroe WA-136

Formula D - Monroe WA-135

Formula D - Monroe WA-123

Formula D - Monroe WA-105

Formula D - Monroe WA-111

Formula D - Monroe WA-888

A nice line up.
A nice line up.

Honda S2000’s representing both motorsport and stanced setups.

Formula D - Monroe WA-158

Formula D - Monroe WA-190

Dubberz representing!

Formula D - Monroe WA-87
Krystal’s MK4 Jetta on airride would go on to win best Euro.


Formula D - Monroe WA-88

Formula D - Monroe WA-869

How low can you go?

Formula D - Monroe WA-125

Formula D - Monroe WA-89

Parking for VIP’s

Formula D - Monroe WA-153

Formula D - Monroe WA-147

Formula D - Monroe WA-167

Formula D - Monroe WA-187

As the sun set for the day, I was able to snap a few more shots off.

Formula D - Monroe WA-1895

Formula D - Monroe WA-1897

Don't forget to check out the parking lot for some sweet cars too!
Don’t forget to check out the parking lot for some sweet cars too!

Formula D - Monroe WA-1972


That’s the last of the coverage from this year’s Slammed Society Showcase. Please leave your comments below and make sure you check out one of these events near you… it’s definitely can’t miss.



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