Silverbullet Through the Heart – Tim’s Custom Jetta Wagon

At the local Thursday car meet, packed with STI’s, EVO’s, and GTI’s I see many car enthusiasts walking by Tim’s Jetta Wagon without truly realizing what they are missing out on. Styled with a subtle attention to detail and OEM plus mods that the euro crowd favors, it’s easy to just dismiss Tims wagon as just another grocery getter in the parking lot. So it’s not until you get up close and pop the hood and roll down the windows before you can truly see what makes this car special.

In the local car scene, It’s not a surprise to hear that a show winning car has an interior made by Tim, and his wagon is a rolling showroom for his business Velocity Upholstery. I spent a couple of afternoons with Tim, trying to capture every detail that sets this car apart and I still managed to miss a couple of things so the next time you see this car be sure to check it out in person. The pictures don’t do it justice…

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