DTP Autoshow 2013

DTP Autoshow returned to Vancouver on September 14, 2013 at a new venue. It was held indoors at the Vancouver Convention Center and we were looking forward to the event. As we arrived, we were informed that it was pretty dark in there and sure enough it was dimly lit which made the event a challenge to shoot. We took this information in stride and made the best of it.  As we started to shoot, I noticed a father and his young son was looking at a friends BMW M3. Then they went to check out Vince’s Honda S2000 built by The Speed Syndicate. To our surprise, this father and son decided to get INTO the Honda S2000. His son was playing in the drivers seat and the father got into the passenger seat. After quickly informing our friends, the father and son got out. I don’t know what the father was thinking that it’d be alright to get into someones car like that! Anyways, all in all the show had good quality cars and entertainment. We just wished they turned on more lights!


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