Calling 9-6-4

When my friend Peter Instagramed a photo of this beast of a car I knew that I had to shoot it. Three days later and I was at Blitzkreig Autowerks, determined to do the car justice. The owner of the shop was gracious enough to allow me to stay late into the night giving me a chance to capture what truly makes this 964 unique.

This car started out as a non-optioned non-sunroof RS America. The RS America models were built in 1993 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Porsche 911 RS and as such, they came lightened with a huge emphasis on performance.

Not satisfied with this, the owner took the car’s performance to the next level, removing the airbags, horn, heatercore, and original bumper reinforcements. The body also went under some serious lightening with lexan side and rear glass windows, fibreglass doors off a 964 Cup and Getty RSR widebody CF pieces installed by Blitzkerig. All in all this 911 sits just shy of 2400lbs.

The motor is a Rothsport built 3.9L putting down a conservative 410whp. Torque is a flat 320ft/lbs from 4-8k RPM. Mated to this is an upgraded G60 transmission built by the Blitzkerig team. Laying down this power on the asphalt takes two sets of identical Fikse Profil 13’s wrapped in Hoosier Continental slicks in 265/645R18 and 305/660R18. Lowered on a custom modified old school Bilstein RSR coils this 911 turns heads as fast as it turns corners.

This RSA was a blast to photograph and my only regret was not being able to take it for a spin on the track.

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