Revscene 2014 Spring Meet Part 1

Photos by Steve Kwok. Words by Cris Kuan

Early in the morning of March 30th, the ArtOfStance crew arrived on scene at Spanish Banks.  Grey skies and light drizzle, it seemed like the infamous ‘RainCouver’ was more excited about the annual Revscene Spring Meet than any of us.  The weather just got worse as we started setting up our stall, and as soon as we finished, we were starting to get drenched in the pouring rain.  My thought of  another meet being ruined by horrible weather immediately stopped when the low rumble of engines were heard in the distance, and squadrons of Vancouver’s finest vehicles started rolling through the lots.

Revscene has always been the staple local car community since way back.   My first exposure to this community was two years ago at my first Spring Meet.  Without a doubt, it did not disappoint.  Not only were the quality and quantity of cars amazing, the organization and enforcement during the meet was top-notch as well.  I feel like not enough people know this, but I would personally like to take some time to give props to the organizers of Revscene, as well as all the volunteers that build up the back bone to this Spring Meet.  It is not easy hosting and holding down the fort with a meet this caliber, and from what I witness, the meet turned out to be a great success.

But let’s not kid ourselves here!  Props to anyone that has actually read this far into the article, but at this point, the photos should do the talking!

Thanks again to all the sponsors of the Revscene Spring Meet, the organizers and volunteers, the food trucks, and most of all:  everyone that came out, and just had a good time!  Despite the horrible weather in the beginning, those of us who waited it out was actually treated to some beautiful blue skies later in the afternoon!

Enjoy the photos, Part 2 of our coverage coming up shortly. We hope to see everyone at the Revscene 2014 Summer Meet!

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